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How to Access Your Retirement Account Penalty and Tax-Free

"This knowledge and this book are the missing pieces to your financial puzzle that you have been looking for. Daniel is an amazing person and you're going to love what you're about to read."

Ryan Stewman, Founder of APEX

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What you will get from this book?
Did you know the IRS will let you access your 401k/IRA penalty and tax free?

This book will provide you an alternative way to view your finances and give you the knowledge and insight on what a very small percentage of Americans are currently doing with their money. Most of what is talked about inside this book you won't ever hear your financial adviser or CPA mention to you.

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Access your 401k/IRA Now

How to access your 401k/IRA penalty and tax free

Finally Be Debt Free

How to pay off your high interest debt

Grow Your Wealth Like the Rich

How to grow your money tax free inside AND outside the stock market

Funding Your Business

How to get funding for your business without a credit check or income verification

We have been conditioned to think a certain way for a long time. Work a 9-5 job. Set up a 401k. Work for 40 years and hope things work out. Does not sound like there is a whole lot of control and freedom living your life that way right?

Unfortunately, society has rigged the game against you and made it harder for you to win with your finances. This is because the way our school system is set up and the way Wall Street is structured. What if there were some money based strategies that are not being explained to you that could really provide a ton of financial benefits to you so you could have a peace of mind when it comes to your money?

Inside this book you will find:

  • How to grow your money tax free inside AND outside the stock market

  • How to pay off your high interest debt

  • How to get funding for your business without a credit check or income verification

  • How to know EXACTLY how much money you are paying in fees for your retirement account

If you want to learn how to build your money, learn about your money, utilize your money and enjoy your money so you can live a life in having your best retirement, this book is for you!

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Daniel Blue is a regular contributor to Forbes and is on a mission to help Americans understand financial strategies that Wall Street and CPA's don't talk to people about. Daniel saw some "aha" moments early on in his life when he realized financial literacy is not taught in schools and there is an agenda to keep people operating a certain way when it comes to their money. This prompted him to start a financial education company with the purpose of shining the light in the area of self directed retirement accounts to help others see different ways to structure their finances. Daniel resides in Las Vegas with his wife, daughter and 3 fur kids.

See What Our Readers Are Saying

"The public education system does some things well, but financial literacy is not one of them. A staggering amount of people will never be able to independently retire simply because of a lack of education. This book by Daniel Blue will help answer your questions and clear up confusion about eliminating debt, lowering your tax bill, and building wealth.Do yourself and the people in your life a favor and pick up a copy for you and for them. You won’t regret it."


"The way the author simplifies The Blue Print to your Best Retirement. A must have book to help you understand how to take control of your finances for retirement."


"In such a confusing industry Daniel Blue really helps you understand the in’s and out’s of navigating the financial industry. Helping you get ahead of the game and securing your future is my goal and this book is helping me to do that."


"Such an informative and easy read!! Well done!"


"If you’re close to retirement or even want to retire early, this is a must read. Daniel provides tons of value with no fluff. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in saving money, avoiding tax penalties and more."


"Incredible! Access to the tools to borrow from your hard earned money in inside your retirement accounts. The ability to borrow funds tax free and invest into launching a cash flowing business? I’m all over this! The B.L.U.E. Print is a must have."



"I recommend Daniel Blue consistently. He’s a trusted source we rely on regularly."

Ryan Stewman

Entrepreneur, Author, Success Coach

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